This website allows you to find out more about my work in the field of nutrition and dietetics.

It provides professional nutritional advice and support for your nutrition concerns. Many people have diet and nutrition problems that affect their health and well-being. You may have a medical condition that influences your food choices and diet such as food allergies/intolerances, diabetes, high cholesterol etc.

Everybody’s needs are unique and they depend on a whole range of factors including what you were born with, the effect of your current environment, and the balance between work and personal life. My job is to determine how your current diet, medical conditions and lifestyle contribute to your health; explore your personal needs and health goals; and design a personal eating plan that will help you to improve your health and control your medical issues.

It used to be that eating right was just a matter of common sense. But these days, many people feel they need in-depth knowledge of nutrition, not only to help them shed weight, but also to keep up with mounting scientific evidence that certain foods may cause or help prevent or control a disease. Everyday we are faced with news stories about nutrition – stories that are often conflicting and confusing. A qualified dietitian can help you makes sense of the food you eat.