Continuing professional development in nutrition and dietetics

Presentation Skills_2005

Coeliac Disease Medics_2009

Pressure Ulcer Nutrition_2009

Paediatric Gastroenterology Talk_2009

Luxembourg Agreement_2010

Leadership Skills_2011

Merit Award_2011

Epilepsy Seminar and Ketogenic Diet_2011

Quality Management Systems_2012

Paediatric Gastroenterology Update_2013

Disability and rare Disorders_2013

Diabetes_A National Public Health Priority_2014

Obesity – a 21st century epidemic_June 2015

Pressure Ulcers_2015



National Nutrition Conference_2016

Coeliac Disease and gluten-related disorders_2016

Clinical Leadership_2016

Coeliac Disease Module_2016

Renal talk_2016

Breaking the News_2016

AHP conference_2016

Men’s Health_2016

Coeliac Disease Seminar_2017

World Kidney Day 2017

SLP Seminar 2017

National Nutrition Conference 2017

Diabetes Type 2 Seminar_2018

Coeliac Disease Seminar_2018

Public Health Nutrition Seminar_2018

SOS Approach to Feeding_2018

Nutrition for oral and dental health_2018

Beyond the Wound Conference_2018

Training Selection Process_2018

Framework for AHP_2018

Gerontology Conference_2018

Access to Healthy, Clean and Fair Food PFWS_2018

ESPEN Conference_2019

Senior Management Seminar_2019

MasterClass Workshop_Nov_2019

Midwife Seminar_2019

Nutrition & Dietetics at PHC_2019

GDPR Course_2020