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Promoting Health Through Nutrition Science


We have identified these as the key services our clients require to achieve their goals and go above and beyond what they felt they could achieve. To find out more about each of these services, just click on the links below. We combine our services to create the right programme for you and are constantly reviewing how we work with you as you develop and meet your goals

Our Services

Individualised Consultations

What you can expect from a consultation: Initial consultation:   Your first appointment will last about 30-45 minutes and includes:...
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Group Talks

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Education and Training

Whether you’re after a speaker who can educate about Vitamins and Minerals or someone who can tell your staff about...
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Cooking Sessions

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Media Consultancy

We offer reliable and unbiased, evidence based nutritional information to various media agencies. We can provide expert opinions to support...
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    Healthy employees are a key part of a successful company.  Research shows that a healthy team can improve...
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  • "During a health week organised at our company, Dr Caruana presented an interesting talk regarding the impact of food intake on our health. The workshop was not just informative but practical as well. Most of the employees attended the session and all participated actively during the event" Deborah Azzopardi – Marketing Executive at Alberta Group
  • “Dr Caruana - thank you for your continuous support. You were a huge part for the success of the series. We are making people more conscious on the contents of the food around us and their eating habits!” Jackie Mercieca – TV presenter of Ninvestigaw x’qed nieklu
  • "Thank you Dr Caruana for working with our team. The feedback I got from people watching our program was very positive and your appearance on TV was informative, engaging and full of practical advice. Keep it up!" Angela Agius – TV Producer and Presenter of Niskata
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