After reading for his undergraduate degree (Bachelor of ScienceBSc) in Heath Science at the University of Malta (1995-1999), Dr Caruana started his career in nutrition and dietetics by successfully completing a Post-graduate Diploma in Nutrition and Dietetics in 2002 at the same University. Being interested in the field of dietetics, he then pursued an intensive two year Masters programme (Master of Science; MSc) in dietetics, with several internships, at Queen Margaret University, Edinburgh (2002-2004) obtaining a distinction. After two years in dietetics, Dr Caruana joined the University of Malta in collaboration with the prestigious Ludwig Maximillian University, Munich and successfully defended his doctorate degree (2006-2011). The area of study focused on how dietary compounds, known as polyphenols, could possibly alter physiological and biochemical pathways in neurodegenerative diseases (see publications – Research or Research Gate or Google Scholar).

Undergraduate Bachelor of Science

Post Graduate Diploma in Nutrition and Dietetics

Masters of Science Dietetics

Doctor of Philosophy in Biomedical Sciences

Dr Caruana is a professionally qualified dietitian/nutritionist and a researcher with 11 years of experience. Having worked in different clinical and research areas, Dr Caruana is able to work on his own initiative and as a part of a multi-disciplinary team. This experience make him versatile, learns new tasks/skills quickly and out-going with strong and effective organization and communication skills.

Licence to practice as a dietitian

President of Malta


Registered dietitian

Council for the professions complementary to medicine – Malta


The profession of dietetics has an official definition established by the international labour office in Geneva. It is classified among the paramedical professions and has been coded under group 0.69. 


Registered nutritionist

Council for the professions complementary to medicine – Malta




Always ask about the qualifications of a dietitian or nutritionist

Dr Caruana has contributed to the following national health policies, strategies and plans:

A Healthy Weight for Life_2012

Diabetes A Public Health Priority_2014

Healthy Eating and Physical Activity Policy_2015

Dietary Guidelines for Adults_Public_2016

Dietary Guidelines for Professionals _2016

Public Procurement of Food for Health in Schools_2017

Dietary Guidelines for Maltese Children_2018


Dr Caruana was also involved in:

Management board meetings representing Malta Council for Science & Technology (MCST) for Joint programme initiative (JPI-HDHL) – a healthy diet for a healthy life at various EU countries

JPI – A Healthy Diet for a healthy life_2013-2014

Dr Caruana is also:

member of the Malta Chamber of Scientists

member of the Clinical Obesity Task Force, Ministry for Health, Malta

member of Project Team; Malta EU Council Presidency 2017, Childhood Obesity